TEMPO - Erasmus Mundus Partnerships

The Polytechnic Institute of Tomar participates in Erasmus Mundus Partnerships throught the “ Trans-European Mobility Project On Education for Sustainable Development” financed by the European Union and coordinated by the Technical University of Lisbon and Tecnhical University of Donetsk (Ukraine) .

IPT participates at 06 and 07 subjet areas ( Engineering, Technology, Geography, Geology and Environmental Sciences)

This project aims to promote the mobility of students (in various stages of their studies) and teachers from countries of the European Union (Portugal, Spain and Italy) and third countries (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belorus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine). IPT's participation is within the areas of Technology/Engineering and Environmental subjects. Applications of second CALL will be open between 15th October and 15th december 2013. For more information please contact the IRO or consult the following web-sites: