Click to know on your colleagues' mobility experiences ( texts in Portuguese, Spanish,Turkish and Russian):

International Students

Wasin came from Turkey to the Electronics and Computer Engineering.

Nicole came from Brazil to the Bachelor´s Degree in Construction and Refurbishment

Vanessa came from Brazil to the Bachelor's Degree in  Chemical Technology

Delano Valentim came from Brazil to the Bachelor's Degree in Cinema


 Outgoing Students:


Isabella - Italy

Simona Petrova - Cultural and Touristic Management - Turkey e Turkey and Bulgary

Gonçalo Silva - Master Degree in Chemical Technology - Brazil

Sandra Eunice - Media Studies -Turkey

Águeda Varela - Media Studies - Lithuania

Alexandre Ferreira - Cultural and Touristic Management - Hungary

Célia Fernandes - Media Studies - Belgium

Cristina Figueiredo - Cultural and Touristic Management - Turkey

Elisandra Rosa and Ana Dias - Human Resources - Spain

Helena Figueiredo - Cultural and Touristic Management - Italy

Liliana Moleiro - Public Administration - Greece

Luís Vasconcelos - Archaeology - Italy

Marta Lemos - Photography  - Turkey

Miguel Duarte - Photography - Czech Republic + Other text from Miguel Duarte

Nuno Marques - Cultural andTouristic Management - Poland

Nuno Ribeiro - Health Services Management - Italy

Íris - Conservation and Restoration - Spain

Press News ( in Spanish): Ânia Figueiredo - Intermedia, Painting and Plastic Arts - Spain

Press News ( in Turkish): Cristina Figueiredo - Cultural and Touristic Management -Turkey

Incoming Students ( some texts were written in Portuguese/English by the students; they were not subjet to any correction):

Hereyouareneveralone- video

My International experience at IPT: Vídeo1    Vídeo2

Adriana - Brazil

Anastásia - Bulgary

Bruna - Brazil

Sara - Italy

Yaroslava Kulchenko - Ukraine

Michail Kostenko- Ukraine

Telman Hakobyan- Armenia

Andrii Zheliezniak - Ukraine

Elise  Cunha e Lorena Carmo - Brazil 

Survival Guide in Portuguese to Brazilian Mobility Students in Portugal ( Tomar and Lisbon) with the participation of  Elise Cunha

Matteo Caredu - Italy

Calisto Tiana - Italy