FUSE IT Project - KA2


Projecto FUSE IT Summary:

Fuse IT (Future competences pathways for marketing and ICT education) project addresses the education and labor market requirements for professional skills and knowledge for students and graduates in university (including life-long learning activities).

More information in English here: https://www.knf.vu.lt/en/fuseit

More informationin Portuguese: www.fuseit.ipt.pt

The project will analyze, design, develop and implement an up-to-date curriculum, e-learning materials, blended learning environment, ICT knowledge and skills self-evaluation and certification system simulations.                     
The main intellectual outputs are related to marketing and future competencies and they will include:
1. Guidelines and study analysis in Higher education
2. Curriculum development and localization
3. E-learning material in separate parts for different subjects (specialization)
4. Simulations for education
5. Self-evaluation with certification testing
6. Methodological guidelines

All learning products will be tested by and improved after analysis of pilot studies/training and testing in Lithuania, Portugal, Romania and Latvia.
All learning products will be presented to national higher education institutions, and encouraged to use in ICT and marketing curricula. Guidelines will support their implementation. EN versions will be used for dissemination in other European countries for further localization base.

Fuse IT project coordinator is Vilnius university (Lithuania); FUSE IT  has more 4 partners:

  • Information Systems Management Institute, ISMA University (Latvia)
  • University Politechnica of Bucharest (Romania)
  • Public institution "Information Technologies Institute" (Lithuania)
  • Instituto Politecnico de Tomar (Portugal)

Coordinator Contacts:

Project Coordinator at Vilnius University: Giedrius Romeika, giedrius.romeika@knf.vu.lt

Project Administrator at Vilnius University:  Mr. Darius Karaša - Darius.karasa@knf.vu.lt


FUSE IT POrtugal - Contacts: