Presentation / Mission

The IRO, according the Art. 64 of the IPT'statutes and the IPT's management  legislation, is a Planning and Management Support Service and supports the Presidency and Schools in the implementation of IPT's International Strategy.



The strategical guidelines of IRO are proposed by the  Pro-President Prof. Dr. Célio Gonçalo Marques. 

The responsible of the IRO is nominated by the President, currently being Maria Catroga.


- Coordinate and implement the strategies adopted in the establishment of bilateral and unilateral relations between the IPT and National and Community Institutions;

- Organise and manage record on computer and paper support of the documentation regarding mobility (applications, contracts, reports, receipts, etc);
- Carry out procedures for duly regulated international programmes;
- Supervise logistic support to foreign students and lecturers;
- Give support to the organisation of applications and monitor duly regulated international cooperation projects and programmes;
- Propose and supervise writing of forms and draft documents intended to facilitate the management procedures of international programmes;
- Produce and organise documentation regarding the mobility process;
- Disseminate and monitor mobility programmes among Organic Units;
- Participate in meetings/events concerning the programmes managed (or to be managed) by the Office.


IPT' Students, Teachers and staff;

National and International Partners.

Members of the GRI

Prof. Dr. Célio Gonçalo Marques, Pro-president

Maria da Conceicao Rodrigues Catroga, Manager, Senior Technician

Rosa Nico, Senior Technician