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Course code Course School code School
9056 Accounting 3241 ESGT
L186 Building and Construction Management 3242 ESTT
9152 Business Administration 3241 ESGT
L142 Chemical Technology 3242 ESTT
9184 Chemical and Biochemical Engineering 3242 ESTT
9089 Civil Engineering 3242 ESTT
9119 Computer Engineering 3242 ESTT
L143 Computing and Multimedia Technology 3243 ESTA
9380 Conservation and Restoration 3242 ESTT
L106 Construction and Rehabilitation 3242 ESTT
9644 Design and Graphic Arts Technology 3242 ESTT
L177 Documentary Film Studies 3243 ESTA
9112 Electrical and Computer Engineering 3242 ESTT
9640 Human Resources Management and Organisational Behaviour 3241 ESGT
L211 Information Technology and Logistics 3243 ESTA
9123 Mechanical Engineering 3243 ESTA
9054 Media Studies 3243 ESTA
L297 Media Studies - Journalism and Corporate Communication 3243 ESTA
9645 Photography 3242 ESTT
L207 Tourism and Cultural Heritage Management 3241 ESGT
Course code Course   School
M197 Archaeology Techniques 3242 ESTT
M925 Auditing and Finance 3241 ESGT
M932 Business Intelligence and Analytics 3242 ESTT
M079 Chemical Technology 3242 ESTT
M909 Computer Engineering ? Internet of Things 3242 ESTT
9405 Conservation and Restoration 3242 ESTT
M474 Editorial Design 3242 ESTT
M778 Electrical Engineering 3242 ESTT
9299 Human Resources Management 3241 ESGT
9295 Management 3241 ESGT
M746 Mechanical Engineering? Mechanical Project and Production 3243 ESTA
6498 Prehistoric Archaeology and Rock Art 3242 ESTT
MB41 Real Estate Valuation and Management 3242 ESTT
M199 Urban Rehabilitation 3242 ESTT