PPIN Project

PPIN Project - ““Polytechnics International Network” ( Project Summary)

With an investment above 1.8 million euros, the “Polytechnics International Network” (PPIN) is a huge project led by the Polytechnic of Porto involving 14 polytechnics, including the Polytechnic of Tomar, and represents an investment of about 1.8 million euros resulting from an application to the Portugal 2020 Collective Action Support System.

The project aims to establish a face-to-face interaction network of higher education institutions strengthening the relationship with companies and reinforcing the consistent attraction of international students.

Another important objective of this "PPIN Project" will be the "creation of a network of ambassadors of Portuguese polytechnics around the world.  To achieve this goal, PPIN will establish a face-to-face network of polytechnic higher education abroad, providing an information system in strategic markets (Angola, Brazil, Cape Verde, Chile, Colombia, Morocco, Mozambique and Peru) where networks of polytechnic higher education ambassadors will be established, while establishing a logic of interconnection with companies.

In addition to the 15 polytechnic institutions, CCISP, Turismo de Portugal, IAPMEI and dozens of business entities also collaborate as associated partners.


The project also includes joint participation in international events, organisation of national internationalisation meetings and the collection, processing and analysis of information in the scope of internationalisation, as well as the construction of a PPIN Platform that will allow the sharing of knowledge and appreciation of external markets, providing the network with information on the needs and desires of the Portuguese business fabric supported by the excellence of Portuguese Polytechnic Higher Education.

The IPT budget and ERDF support are given in the table below...






Nome do Projeto/Project’s Name

Portugal Polytechnics International Network

Entidade Beneficiária/Beneficiary

IP Porto


ESECoimbra, ESEPorto, IPBeja, IPBragança, IPCastelo Branco, IPCávado e Ave, IPCoimbra, IP Guarda, IPLeiria, IPPortalegre, IPSantarém, IPTomar, IP Viana do Castelo, IPViseu

Responsável no IPT/Responsible at IPT

Prof. Rita Anastácio

Investimento IPT/IPT’s Budget


Apoio FEDER/FEDER Funding


Período de execução/Project timeline

01/07/2020 – 30/06/2023