Semana Internacional de STAFF

The Polytechnic Institute of Tomar is pleased to announce its 1st International Staff Week that will be held between 23 and 27 May 2016 in Tomar, Portugal.

 This International Staff Week is open to teachers and administrative staff of the following areas: ● International relations;● Engineering;● Humanities (Archaeology, History, Conservation and Restoration, and others);● Arts (Design Graphic; Photography; Cinema and Video);● Management;● Tourism;●Media Studies.

 Our 1st International Staff Week aims to: ●Exchange of good practices and experiences;● Strengthen international cooperation;● Promote relations between researchers;● Expand international network;● Discuss opportunities for future cooperation and participation in joint Masters, conferences and seminars;●Discuss interesting and important topics related to the interested of each course field, and the internationalization at home;● Promote a multicultural environment;● Promote global understanding;● Contribute to the logic of the International Year of Global Understanding;
In this Staff Week you will have also the opportunity to visit our beautiful and historic city that is located in the centre of Portugal, also known as Templar city.

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How to get to Tomar and IPT Campus

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Information on Partners' Presentations (24-05-2016, afternoon)

Information on Workshop 1  (25-05-2016)      Information on Workshop 2 (25-05-2016)

Note: this information is provided only in English language - working language / Informação apenas em língua inglesa, língua de trabalho da Semana Internacional