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International Relations Office - IRO


The International Relations Office (IRO) supports the Presidency in the implementation of IPT's International Strategy. The strategical guidelines of IRO are proposed by the General Coordinator of IRO, Prof. Luiz Oosterbeek, PhD.


- Coordinate and implement the strategies adopted in the establishment of bilateral and unilateral relations between the IPT and National and Community Institutions;
- Organise and manage record on computer and paper support of the documentation regarding mobility (applications, contracts, reports, receipts, etc);
- Carry out procedures for duly regulated international programmes;
- Supervise logistic support to foreign students and lecturers;
- Give support to the organisation of applications and monitor duly regulated international cooperation projects and programmes;
- Propose and supervise writing of forms and draft documents intended to facilitate the management procedures of international programmes;
- Produce and organise documentation regarding the mobility process;
- Disseminate and monitor mobility programmes among Organic Units;
- Participate in meetings/events concerning the programmes managed (or to be managed) by the Office.

To Students, Lecturers and Other Staff of the IPT

If you are a student/staff of the IPT and you would like to participate in a mobility programme you can:
- Consult the IRO homepage at the official site of the IPT or at and get information on opportunities available, regulations, agreements and documentation.
- Contact our services which will help you find the most appropriate solutions and assist you in matters such as procedures, networks, agreements exchange programmes, partners and necessary contacts.
- Contact our Distance Support Services via telephone or e-mail.

To Foreign Students and Teaching Staff

If you are a foreign student/lecturer and have just arrived at the IPT, please go to where you will find information in English or visit our headquarters so that we can help you
- integrate in the IPT and Tomar/Abrantes city;
- find accommodation;
- make arrangements for your stay (visas, health services, insurance, taxing and banking services);
- enrol in language courses

Staff and Contacts

IRO Director - Conceição Catroga (
Rosa Nico (
Laurent Caron ( )

Estrada da Serra,
Quinta do Contador
Campus do IPT , Sala B252 
2300 - 313 Tomar, Portugal
Tel: +351 249346363
Fax: +351 249346366

Monday -  Friday

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