International Student

Degree Programmes

Management School of Tomar (ESGT)

Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration (UPDATED)  
Bachelor's Degree in Human Resources Management and Organizational Behaviour (UPDATED)  
Bachelor's Degree in Culture and Tourism Management (UPDATED 15/16) 
Bachelor's Degree in Accounting (UPDATED 15/16) 

Master's Degree in Development of Cultural Tourism Products (UPDATED 15/16)
Master's Degree in Audit and Financial Analysis (UPDATED)
Master's Degree in 
Analytics and Business Intelligence (UPDATED)
Master's Degree in Business Administration (UPADATED)
Master's Degree in Human Resources Management (UPDATED)



Technology School of Abrantes (ESTA) 

Bachelor's Degree in Media Studies (UPDATED 16/17) 
Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering (UPDATED)
Bachelor's Degree in Information and Communication Technologies (UPDATED 15/16)
Bachelor's Degree in Documentary Film Studies (Not available 19/20)
Bachelor's Degree in Documentary Film Studies (19/20)
Bachelor's Degree in Informatics and Multimedia Technologies (NEW)

Master's Degree in Technical Maintenance of Buildings (UPDATED)
Master's Degree in Mechanical Engineering - Mechanical Project and Production (UPDATED)


Technology School of Tomar (ESTT) 

Bachelor's Degree in Plastic Arts Painting and Intermedia (UPDATED) 
Bachelor's Degree in Conservation and Restoration ( UPDATED 15/16)
Bachelor's Degree in Design and Graphic Arts (UPDATED 15/16)
Bachelor's Degree in Chemical and Biochemical Engineering (Not available 19/20)
Bachelor's Degree in Chemical Technology (19/20)
Bachelor's Degree in Civil Engineering (Not available 19/20)
Bachelor's Degree in Electronics and Computer Engineering (UPDATED)
Bachelor's Degree in Computer Engineering (UPDATED 15/16)
Bachelor's Degree in Photography (UPDATED)

Master's Degree in Conservation and Restoration (UPDATED 15/16)
Master's Degree in Chemical Technology (UPDATED 15/16)
Master's Degree in Digital Content Production (UPDATED 15/16) 
Master's Degree in Editorial Design (UPDATED 15/16)
Master's Degree in Electrical Engineeering (UPDATED 15/16)
Master's Degree in Urban Rehabilitation (UPDATED 15/16)
Master's Degree in Computer Engineering - Internet of Things ( NEW)
Master's Degree in Geographic Information Systems in Planning and Territory Management (UPDATED 15/16)

Joint Programmes

Master's Degree in Archaeological Techniques  - Erasmus Mundus JOINT DEGREE DYCLAM

Master's Degree in Prehistoric Archaeology and Rock Art - JOINT DEGREE Erasmus Mundus IMQP ........ Click to access FAQ's